AMUKA LODGE AMUKA LODGE In the Heart of Rhino Territory


Amuka Lodge specializes in Safari Cuisine which integrates outdoor and indoor cooking and baking. Special meal requirements for vegetarians, vegans or those with allergies can be catered for upon request.

The day begins with a hearty breakfast and a quality cup of the world famous Ugandan coffee, assorted teas and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Given the tropical weather, Uganda abounds in fresh fruit which is always on order followed by cereal, freshly baked bread or toast, hash-brown, eggs, baked beans and a tomato and chicken sausage relish. No one leaves the table in the morning still hungry!

Lunch is served in two courses which includes a fresh salad and fruit salad. Lunch is our chef’s choice; no matter what he chooses, it will be mouth-watering, light and wholesome.

Dinner is always a treat starting with a warm bowl of homemade soup and fresh baked bread rolls. Chefs choice of meat roasted on a fire, accompanied by a range of fresh vegetables make up the main meal. Dessert will consist of either lemon merengue, peppermint crisp cream tart or upside down Pineapple bake with custard.

The Restaurant

Satisfy your appetite in our restaurant with carefully prepared dishes made in our open plan kitchen. In the morning, we put a little extra time at the breakfast buffet for you to get a good start to the day.

The Bar

The bar at Amuka Lodge is the perfect place to begin or end a memorable evening. Have a drink and relax at our bar, our menu features alcoholic beverages, hot drinks as well as soft drinks

The Poolside

If you're looking for a relaxing and child-friendly atmosphere, Amuka Lodge makes the perfect place for a family getaway. Come & enjoy our “home-design” swimming pool and children's play park.