AMUKA LODGE AMUKA LODGE In the Heart of Rhino Territory

COVID 19 SAFTEY (Clients)

Strict Guidelines of Government Covid-19 Protocols.

Pre Booking is Essential. Standard Operating Procedures will Comply and Right of Admission is Reserved for Non Compliance

Risk Factors

  • Completing main gate entry book and indemnity forms
  • Payments at the reception / Front of house
  • Taking photos with guides / rangers / staff
  • Staff shaking hands with clients / social distancing
  • Clients tipping staff
  • Purchasing from bar
  • Clients using public bathrooms

Client & Staff Safety

  • All visitors incl drivers are to disembark vehicle and wash their hands outside of Main Gate; and when arriving at Amuka lodge.
  • All International Visitors are to hand over their Passports for photocopying;
  • All EA residents are to hand over their Passport or Company ID for photocopying;
  • All Ugandan Citizens are to hand over their National ID or Driver’s license for photocopying;
  • If you do not have any of the above you will not be allowed entry into the sanctuary;
  • All visitors including drivers are to have a mask.
  • No physical contact is to be made with any visitor incl drivers;
  • All visitors incl drivers are to wash their hands and use sanitizer at nominated points, including but not necessarily limited to Amuka front of house (prior to signing waiver).
  • Shaking of hands or touching any person is prohibited – maintain social distancing;
  • Spitting, sharing of water bottles, eating utensils or food is prohibited;
  • Visitors incl drivers are to wash hands thoroughly with soap for twenty seconds and use sanitizer immediately prior to signing indemnity form, and handing money over to the Amuka front of house staff.
  • Front of house staff or any other staff member must wear a mask & gloves while dealing with visitors incl drivers and while receiving money;
  • Front of house and kitchen staff are to disinfect their work areas and hands after dealing with every visitor incl drivers;
  • Staff are not allowed to enter client’s vehicles. They must use company transport.
  • All staff must wear a face-masks while interacting with visitors, drivers, or other staff;
  • All staff must maintain social distancing at all times ( 2 meters ).
  • All staff are to wash their hands and sanitize at lodge before entering any offices or before interacting with any visitors or drivers;
  • Toilet seat and hand basin to be washed and sanitized after every use;
  • Any visitor or driver wishing to leave the restaurant/bar facility to return to their rooms after dark must be accompanied by an appropriate member of staff;
  • Staff will assist with client’s luggage if requested, or clients can take of luggage to room’s if they so wish.
  • Anybody entering the property, for whatever reason, should abide by the above SOPs.