Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary


UPDATED March 2017

This list does not represent the totality of species found however only those positively identified by means of visual photographic material

# Reptiles / Amphibians Mammals Butterflies Other (Various)
1 African Rock Python Aardvark African Golden Arab African Sheath-tailed Bat
2 Angolan Green Snake African Golden Cat Dark Blue Pansy Bush Mosquito
3 Bells Hinged Tortoise African Short Eared Hare Green Banded Swollowtail Dragon Fly spp.
4 Black Mamaba Banded Mongoose Marsh Commodore Fire Fly
5 Black Necked Spitting Cobra Black & White Colabus Mocker Swallowtail Malaria Mosquito
6 Brook's Gecko Bohor Reedbuck Soldier Commodore Spiders Various
7 Brown House Snake Bush Buck Veined Swallowtail
8 Cinnamon-bellied Reed Frog Bush pig Western Dotted Border
9 Eastern Groove-crowned Bullfrog Common Genet
10 Forest Cobra Common Grey Duiker
11 Forest Dwarf Day Gecko Giant Rat
12 Green Grass Snake Ground squirrel
13 Guttural Toad Hippopotamus
14 Leopard Tortoise Honey Badger
15 Marbled Snout-burrower Leopard
16 Marsh Terrapin Marsh Mongoose
17 Mascarene Rocket Frog Oribi
18 Natal Puddle Frog Pangolin
19 Nile Crocodile Porcupine
20 Nile Monitor Serval
21 Puff Adder Slender Mongoose
22 Red-headed Agama Uganda Cob
23 Rhombic Night Adder Vervet monkeys
24 Sharp-nosed Reed Frog Warthog
25 Sharp-nosed Ridge Frog Waterbuck
26 Slender Chameleon White Rhinoceros
27 Snouted (Egyptian) Cobra White Tailed Mongoose
28 Somli Kassina
29 Speckle-lipped Skink
30 Spotted Blind Snake
31 Steindachner's Toad
32 Striped Leaf-folding Frog
33 Tropical House Gecko
34 White-lipped Snake
35 Yellow-flanked Snake